About Us

Slay Your Fitness Goals This 2020

What’s keeping you from crushing your fitness goals? If you’re like 65% of women and 36% of men, you might avoid the gym out of fear of judgement. Maybe you’re tired of working out in the same gear every day, or have hit a brick wall in your routine. Perhaps you’re just plain uninspired. 

How can we help you achieve your fitness goals? We want to ignite your passion, determination and motivation to help you crush your 2020 vision!

Our goal is to design products that inspire customers to achieve their fitness goals.

Titanwear empowers ALL men and women to look and feel more confident through a stunning range of stylish fitness gear designed to inspire you to get active. We are passionate about helping people build confidence and self-esteem to succeed at reaching their goals. 

Our range of exquisite activewear not only flatters various body shapes, but also encourages you to get serious about health and fitness. What you wear and how you feel have a massive impact on your approach to exercise, and we use activewear to create more positive perceptions. 

In fact, this is proven by science! What you wear can cause a subconscious shift in your actions. What’s more, being dressed and ready to workout will make you more motivated to stick to your routine. Activewear also protects you against extreme weather conditions while improving performance through fabric engineering for fitness.

Titanwear has built its reputation on high-quality clothing designed with premium materials - underpinned by extensive research. But - what truly sets Titanwear apart is the fact that each item we sell is measured separately, giving you accurate size guides. There are no generic size guides on our side of the web!

If our streams of genuine online reviews don’t inspire you, we don’t know what will. We don’t even remove “bad” reviews like other companies do. To experience the Titanwear difference for yourself, browse menswear or browse womenswear to explore our diverse range today. There’s a style for every taste and a price for every budget, so find yours today!